Introduction to Java

Hey Welcome Guys, Our Core Java tutorial, is designed for beginners who are new to java programming language as well as working professionals. In this first section of this tutorial, we will take a brief introduction to Java.

You can also refer our video tutorial for same.

So let’s start with this tutorial :

Introduction of Java

Java is an object-oriented and general-purpose programming language. It is also considered as a platform

  Now there is a question arise, Java is a high-level programming language, but Is it really a platform? 

yes, Java is a platform because it provides development kit called JDK(java development kit) along with a runtime environment JRE( java runtime environment), and we know that platform consists of hardware and software environment in which program run.

It is very popular and widely used programming language all around the world. The popularity of java can be considered by the fact that java codes are running in more than 3 billion devices until now. Java basically uses the features and syntax of C++ and C. The basic purpose of java development was to create a secured, platform-independent and portable application.

Java allows the programmer to write once run anywhere(WORA) that means we write a java code once and that code can run on any machine or platform( such as the window, Mac, Linux etc.

This is because of java code is compiled to byte code and this byte code is executed by JVM (java virtual machine) which is available for all platform.  So it is necessary that the machine must have JVM to run java code.

Why Java?

There are many programming languages are in existence like C, C++ etc. so a question comes in mind,  Why Java?
There are the following reasons to use Java programming language for application and software development. Some of them are the following

  1. It is easy to learn and use.
  2. It is platform independent.
  3. It has a wide area of application.
  4. It is secure and robust in nature.
  5. It is open source and free.
  6. It has a high performance.
  7. It supports oops’ concept.
  8. It is interpreted

Applications Of Java

Java language has a lot of applications. Some of the applications are as follows:

  • It is used to develop the application such as media player, antivirus, and text editors.
  • It is used for the web application.
  • It is used to develop the game.
  • It is used in an embedded system.
  • It is used to develop an Android application
  • It is used in BigData and Data Science.

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