How to make WordPress Website 1 hour| Worpress tutorial for beginners

Hey If you want to build your website in just one hour then this article is for you. Here I will tell you how you can build your professional website without coding. so just watch this video till the end.

Topic to be covered in this video:

How to download WordPress and Xampp(Local server)?

First, you open the browser and search xampp server in the search bar. You will see the first link of, Open the link and  just select xampp acording to your system requirement and download it. and also download wordpress from

How to create a MySQL database for our website using Xampp?

After download, the xampp server, just install it by simply pressing the double click and do next. remember one thing During installation, give the path of C\ drive as an installation directory. and then open the browser after the successful installation of xampp and type localhost in the search bar in or to check whether installation I s done properly or not? If you see xampp dashboard then it is the sign that your server is installed successfully.

To create a database open the browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin in the search bar, and then a window is open for credentials, so by default, the username of data is “root”, and the password is blank.

After putting credentials, Your DB will now be open and then you can create the database by just press the open create new and give the DB the press go/save.

Now your DB will be created successfully.

  • How to install WordPress on a local server(Xampp)?
  • How to create pages on our website?
  •  Create menus and add the pages to the menu?
  • What is the theme and how to install it in WordPress?
  • How to customize the theme? How to change the site name and logo of our site?
  • How to add the favicon to our site? How to add text and images to our site?
  • How to create contact us form using wp-forms?
  • What are plugins and how to add them to our website?
  • What is Elementor and to use it in creating beautiful pages?
  • How to insert the Elementor template on our website?
  • How to add images, blocks, texts using Elementor on our website?
  • Write the post in our website?
  • How to create a category and add post in category?
  • How to create dropdown in menus?
  • How to design the footer of our website?
  • What are widgets and how to add them to the menu?
  • How to change the copyright of the theme?

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