History of Java

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History of java

  • Java was developed by a team of Sun Microsystems called “green team” under a project called “green project” and released in 1995.
  • Sun Microsystems was an American company in which sun stands for Stanford University Network. Sun was started in 1982.
  • Sun Microsystems was founded by Andreas Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, and Scott McNeally in which Vinod Khosla was the co-founder of the company. Sun sold computer systems, component of computers, hardware, software, computer workstation and servers.
  • In 27 January 2010, sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation for US$7.4 billion. So now java is called as the product of oracle.
  • It was choosen as top 10 best products of 1995 by time magazine.
  • James Gosling, Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheriden are the core member of Green Team.

green team       James Gosling Patrick Naughton Mike Sheriden

  • Initially the main objective of green team was to develop a programming language which can be used for the programming of electronic devices like set-top box and television.
  • In the long run java proved a helpful programming language for internet application.
  • Firstly java was called as “green talk” and its file extension was .gt . After that in order to indicate the strength and popularity, it was named as “Oak”.
  • In 1995, Oak was renamed to java because oak was already the Trademark of Oak technologies company and java was one of the top choice of Team members along with the silk.
  • The symbol of java come from the name itself because Java is an island of Indonesia where first coffee was produced (called java coffee).

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